Case Study

How the leading website builder decreased domain-related inquiries requiring human-intervention by 50% with Motion AI

The Challenge
Reduce customer service inquiries for basic requests is extremely easy to use.

This makes first-time web designers love the service. It also leads to a massive number of Customer Service requests for help with basic things, like DNS Configuration, which takes up thousands of hours time for’s Support Specialists.

Because of the nature of the problem, diagnosing the user’s issue can be time consuming depending on a variety of factors, such as where their domain name is registered (GoDaddy, NameCheap,, etc) … each domain registrar has a different interface and set of steps needed to connect the domain.

Prior to Motion AI, directed customers to contact support representatives via support tickets or telephone.  Traditional knowledgebase articles and troubleshooters were impossible to craft given the wide range of variables that could impact the root cause of the customer’s issue.

This created a frustrating problem for customers, and a time-consuming process for Wix representatives to manually find resolution for users.

The Solution

A customer service chatbot that handles repetitive requests. utilized the Motion AI platform to build intelligent bots that collect customer-specific parameters to gain insight into what the root issue may be. customers are guided through a series of questions to narrow down potential causes, and API calls are made (utilizing Node.js Modules) to check on the progress of the domain name setup process.

By performing DNS queries, the bot is able to detect whether or not the domain has been setup correctly and either close out the issue (if solved), or continue to guide users through troubleshooting steps based upon the results of the DNS queries.

Time to initially deploy: 1 month

The Results

50% decrease in human-assisted inquiries

Six months after deploying their chatbot, have discovered that:

  • Wix has decreased the number of domain troubleshooting inquiries requiring human intervention by a whopping 50%
  • Customers are able to communicate with the chatbot 24/7 and receive an instant resolution to their issue.
  • Wix personnel can dedicate more time to other project and spend less time on repetitive support inquiries.

“ helps Wix provide faster Customer support issue resolutions for common issues.”

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