Case Study

Learn how Sony Mobile created a virtual mobile accessory concierge bot with Motion AI.

The Challenge is the official e-commerce destination for Sony’s mobile phones and supporting products and accessories. 

With a catalog of hundreds of mobile phone products and accessories, many of which have specific compatibility constraints, it can be difficult for consumers to find products that exclusively work with their device and would be beneficial for them to purchase.

The Solution

Sony crafted a “concierge” style accessories bot using Motion AI, which is used internationally on Sony Mobile. 

When faced with many choices of accessories, visitors are given the option to chat with a bot to narrow the selection of products based on which are compatible with their mobile device. 



Try the Sony Mobile Bot here (click the filter icon in the lower right of the webpage)



Time to initially deploy: 1 month

The Results

The bot was built internally and launched within one month by Sony.

  • Thousands of customers engage with the bot each month, and intelligently refine their product searches based on their needs  
  • Discovery of additional products that the customers did not specifically seek out has dramatically increased. 
  • The bot has reduced sales inquiries requiring human intervention, increasing efficiency and conversion rate.


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