Case Study

How Slovak Telekom decreased prepaid phone web inquiries by 98.5% with Motion AI

The Challenge
Reduce customer service inquiries for Prepaid Phone plans

Prepaid (non-contract) phones are a product with a high amount of support inquiries post-sale.  Customers are curious what their balance is (minutes/texts/data remaining) or have difficulties recharging their allotted phone credits.  The common repetitive questions fielded by Slovak Telekom are:

· How can I find out the credit status on my SIM?

· What is the most cost-effective way of recharging my credit?

· How long is the credit on a prepaid SIM card valid?

· What is the cost of calls/data/SMS?

· How do I setup my phone?

These questions are ripe for automation through a chatbot, as the answers are both straightforward and definitive with little variation in result across customers. 

The Solution

A customer service chatbot that can answer common prepaid phone inquiries.

Slovak Telekom used Motion AI to build, train and deploy an intelligent customer service chatbot that is able to handle all of the above “problems”, with zero human intervention.

The bot makes API calls to retrieve credit balance information, and is connected to an existing knowledgebase (ZenDesk) to surface help articles to customers who have questions about their phone.

View and try the Slovak Telekom support bot here.

Time to initially deploy: 2 months

The Results

98.5% decrease in human-assisted prepaid phone inquiries

Less than six months after deploying their fully automated Motion AI chatbot to assist customers, Slovak Telekom has experienced a 98.5% reduction in prepaid phone inquiries that require human intervention.

“Thanks to Motion AI, we can launch bots easily and quickly. Business specialists can create these bots and they do not need support from internal IT. That’s great.”

Jozef Hurtis, Slovak Telekom CS Operations

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