Case Study

Learn how French President Emmanuel Macron’s campaign leveraged
Motion AI to build an engaging grassroots political chatbot.

Emmanuel Macron won a landslide victory in the French presidential election of 2017.  A characterization of his campaign, En Marche!, was a highly progressive approach to digital media marketing and outreach.

The Challenge

The process of conducting voter outreach – for donor discovery, spreading candidate awareness and seeking volunteers – is a very expensive aspect of managing political campaigns.   When visitors landed on the En Marche! campaign website, there were several elements that are equally important to surface to the voter:

  • Giving the voter information on the candidate’s positions and history
  • Collecting the voter’s contact information
  • Making donations and volunteering efforts easily accessible

Balancing these items, and which priority they should be served, often results in the premature bounce (exit) of webpage visitors before sufficient data has been collected or shared.

The Solution

An intelligent chatbot that engages, educates and recruits voters.

The En Marche! web marketing team created an all-inclusive chatbot using Motion AI, which led visitors on and on Facebook to begin conversing with the bot and provide contact details, such as their email.

After contact details were collected, voters had the option to inquire on the candidate’s political positions, make a donation or begin volunteering alone or in groups.  The bot assists with placement of groups of volunteers by connecting individuals who had expressed interest in helping.

The bot maintains a linear flow to ensure that all required messaging points are conveyed, to minimize visitors who bounce/exit with lack of information.

The Results

Over a 6 month period during the political campaign:

  • The En Marche! bot facilitated 500,000 messages with volunteers, donors and those interested in seeking information on the candidate
  • En Marche! was able to reach a larger base of voters who had subscribed to updates within the chatbot, to convey fundraising goals and other news in realtime.
  • The campaign built up a dramatic base of volunteers, recruited through the chatbot, who assisted with political canvasing and outreach.
  • A large amount of donor money was conserved through the automation of voter outreach. 

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