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We are excited today to announce another powerful addition to your bot-building workflow, “AND” blocks for connections.

Until now, you’ve been able to specify only one type of condition for each connection in your conversation flow, like “If the human replies ‘help’ then go to the ‘support’ module.” Now, if you want to intelligently direct the conversation with more-specific logic, “AND” blocks are your new friends.

Perhaps a human is clearly seeking support and you would like to direct the conversation based on her feelings about the situation. You might build logic into a single connection with multiple conditions, like “If the human replies ‘help’ and the sentiment is positive, then go to the ‘leave review’ module,” instead of escalating the support request to a live agent. Of course, there are many more examples where “AND” blocks will shine, especially paired with the recent beta release of our new natural language processing (NLP) engine.

To get started, simply click the “+ AND” button to add a new condition to any module or global connection. As always, we cannot wait to see what you build next!