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We’ve got a lot of new features to announce today!

1. By very popular demand, we’ve just released an import and export feature to make it easier for you to back up your bots! Just click on on the Backup button on your bot dashboard and save the data as you wish! To import from a backup, simply paste the data into the text box and click Import!

2. We’ve added a customVars field to our messageHuman and messageBot APIs. This makes the process of setting custom variables much easier and more streamlined, giving you more control over the bot flow! The customVars field takes valid JSON objects i.e.: {"ping":"pong"}.

3. You can now return a responseOverride value in your webhook responses to manually override your bot’s next message! For those of you who make use of webhooks, this will allow you to easily create more dynamic conversational experiences to increase customer engagement!

As always, it’s thanks to your continued support and your awesome feature suggestions that we are able to continuously iterate upon and improve our platform! Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with next!

The Motion AI Team