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We are greatly thankful that many of you have let us know how much you value certain features and additions – and we certainly listen and consider each request!

By very, very popular demand, we are excited to announce a few feature updates for our `Await Human` Module!

1) You can now add a notification email address to any new or existing `Await Human` module! When set, you will receive a notification email to let you know a user is currently waiting on your reply! The email will also contain basic information regarding the particular chat conversation.

2) From your `/conversations` page, you can easily tell which users are currently awaiting your response! This is shown by a little green indicator dot!

3) When you have taken over a conversation from your bot and would like to hand the conversation back, you can simply click on the chat avatar on `/conversations` and select `Handoff to Bot` or click on the arrow-left icon in the reply box for an applicable conversation!

4) As an additional feature, you can now reset any chat session back to the beginning of the chat flow with one click! From your `/conversations` page, simply click on the avatar for a conversation you would like to reset then select `Reset Session` or click on the reload icon in the applicable conversations’ reply box! Don’t worry, all currently set `custom variables` will remain intact so that they can still be called upon when the user continues conversing with your bot after the reset!

We hope that these new features will be of great use to you and greatly look forward to seeing the awesome bots you come up with!