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FB Messenger
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Pricing for any budget.


$0 /mo base †
  • 2 bots max
  • 1,000 messages/mo


$15 /mo base †
  • 5 bots max
  • 5,000 messages/mo


$50 /mo base †
  • 25 bots max
  • 20,000 messages/mo


$100 /mo base †
  • 50 bots max
  • 50,000 messages/mo
† If you choose to use SMS, data and messaging rates apply.
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Introducing the Bot Store

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Backed by a robust API

Our platform is simple when it should be, and robust when you want it to be. We make it easy for you to easily tap into any part of our flow, with webhooks and a number of read and write APIs.

If you can draw a flowchart,
you can create a chatbot.

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