Chatbots made easy.

Visually build, train, & deploy chatbots to do just about anything – try the #1 bot building platform today.

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The most powerful bot builder in the industry

If you can draw a flowchart, you can create a chatbot.

Simply drag-and-drop modular blocks representing the stages of your conversation flow. It literally couldn’t be easier!

Extensible with code. Integrate any service.

Motion AI allows you to compile Node.js code directly in your flow. This makes API integrations a breeze.


Fully trainable Natural Language Processing.

Bring your bot to life by creating and training NLP intents with ease. Natural Language Processing has never been easier.


Deploy anywhere in minutes, not days.

Motion AI takes the guesswork – and frustration – out of chatbot channel deployment.  Simply connect, and go.

Trusted by brands everywhere

Common sense bot development

Diagram your conversation flow, connect your bot to a messaging service, and go! No programming skills required.

Regardless of how simple or complex your use case is, Motion AI streamlines the entire process.

Build everywhere your users are.

Like to code? We've got you covered

Using our platform requires zero programming skills. But for code monkeys, Motion AI allows you to deploy Node.js code directly from our interface. This makes integrating your bot with third party APIs, databases and services a breeze!

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Get started for free, pay as you grow

Free accounts can create 2 bots and use up to 1,000 messages per month.

Backed by a robust API

Adding your chatbot to an existing application or integrating with a custom deployment channel is a breeze.

Once your bot has been setup in Motion AI, simply make calls to our API endpoints to initiate and maintain a conversation.

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NLP like you've never seen before

Natural Language Processing has never been easier.   Create and train intents from within the Motion AI interface, then leverage them when building connections between your modules.

Easily continue to train your bot after deployment by tagging messages sent by your bot’s users in realtime.

Enough chatter… ready to build?

You’re only moments away from creating your first chatbot – we can’t wait to see what you build!